Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

The main rental car insurance in Marmaris Turkey

Anyone renting a car is faced with numerous insurance packages. Here you can find out which rental car insurance you absolutely need and where some rental companies only want to make money. We show you the most important services and when it pays to pay more for more protection.

English driving licenses abroad

English nationals can continue to use the German driver's license in Turkey for a maximum of six months from the date of entry. After the six months have passed, you must exchange your driver's license for a Turkish driver's license.

What to do if you lose your driving license?

If your driver's license has been stolen, you should report this immediately to the Turkish police. The theft report is necessary for the return trip in order to clear up any misunderstandings during checks and to avoid fines. The driver's license office of the municipality of the current place of residence is solely responsible for issuing a driver's license. However, if you are no longer registered in English or in the EU / EEA area *, the driver's license office of the municipality of the last place of residence in English is responsible for reissuing a driver's license.

FAQs about renting a car in Marmaris Turkey

  • What insurance does my rental car have?

    The insurance and covers for your rental car are listed in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC), under the paragraph "Your rental includes" and in the section "Package included in this rental:"..

  • What is the deductible?

    Deductible is the amount for which you are damaged
    or theft of the car are liable (if protection against
    Fully comprehensive insurance and theft protection included in your booking
    is) terms and conditions. If you have already created a booking, the amount of the deductible will be shown on the confirmation slip.

  • What is the deductible of my rental car?

    The amount of the deductible is shown during the booking process
    General terms and conditions stated. If you have already created a booking, the amount of the deductible will be shown on the confirmation slip.

  • Can I rent a car with a protection product?

    Yes, during the booking process you can add our protection package directly after selecting the vehicle category.

  • Can I include a protection product in my booking after I have made a reservation?

    If you want to make changes after confirming your reservation,
    we offer a free service via our customer page "My booking"
    Change system. Simply register with your email address and booking number. Then click the Make / Cancel Changes tab and then choose Change Booking. The system guides you through the creation of a new reservation that replaces the old one.

  • Can I remove the protection product from my booking?

    You can remove the protection package at any time by visiting "My Booking" before the rental begins. Simply log in with your email address and booking number, then click the Make / Cancel Changes tab, then select the protection package you want to remove. After the rental starts, this product cannot be removed or refunded.

  • What additional cover can I buy from the counter staff?

    Depending on the car rental company that covers your rental, you can
    sell different types of additional cover, but the the most common is Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW). This SCDW policy could cover the following parts: Cover parts of the vehicle that are not under the standard The company's collision damage declaration (e.g. windows and Tires)  Reduce the deductible - reduces the
    Maximum amount you would have to pay if you damaged something
    that is covered by the protection of the vehicle Sit down
    The deductible is zero so you don't get a deposit when you pick it up
    have to deposit - or pay nothing for damage caused by the
    Protection of the car is covered. Everyone on site
    Additional cover added must be at the rental counter as additional
    Fee paid at the rental price specified on the confirmation slip

  • What should I do if the car breaks down or if I have an accident?

    In the event of an accident, call the one specified in the rental agreement Emergency number of the car rental company that you received when you picked up the car. You will find the number on the rental agreement that you signed when you picked up the car. The representative will advise you on what to do. Call the police to report the accident. As soon as you return the car, an accident report will be created.